We help recruiters become trusted partners to their clients and make it easier to succeed in a competitive market.

The recruitment market is becoming increasingly challenging as both employers and candidates demand more from the hiring process. 

Professional recruiters, both external and internal, are under increasing pressure to deliver more value, make more robust and diverse hires and demonstrate that they have expertise, knowledge and tools which are worth paying for.

At Franklin-Hackett, we want to make it straightforward and risk-free for you, the recruiter, to demonstrate that you know your candidates better than anyone else. And that you also know your clients' existing workforce better than anyone else. 

We are your trusted partner for business growth.

We give you a game-changing USP - The GC Index®


The GC Index® is the only assessment tool that measures business impact.


It allows you to clearly demonstrate how your candidates will prefer to make an impact on a business cycle.

The data it produces is a breakthrough. It's the first and only tool that reveals, in incredibly simple but scientifically validated language, what areas of contribution make an individual's heart sing when performing a role.

It dramatically reduces the risk of a bad hire.

For you as a recruiter, it is a huge competitive advantage. 

We make it easy to gain the attention of clients and prospects using The GC Index®


One of the hardest tasks for a recruiter is to find opportunities to get in front of existing or potential clients for that all important conversation that may lead to new briefs.


We make this much simpler, by providing any of the key decision makers at your clients or leads with a free GC Index® assessment and review.


Not only does this provide huge personal value to the individual, it also allows them to experience your new USP, risk-free and for no cost.

It also helps you land new briefs and even opportunities to support other elements of their talent management strategy.

We make it simpler to deliver demonstrably better hires using The GC Index® 


The GC Index® can bring out the subtle but important differences between several candidates with remarkably similar skills, experience, qualifications and psychometric profiles. 

It allows you to demonstrate how a candidate will prefer to perform a role with game-changing accuracy.

Our solutions make it easy for you to incorporate it into your hiring processes without having to change the way you work, bet the business on a new approach or commit to fixed long term costs.

We deliver solutions that provide clients with extra value beyond the hiring stage using The GC Index®  


Wouldn't it be great if you could offer more than a traditional recruitment service to your clients?


The GC Index® can power many more solutions including:

  • Understanding the impact of existing teams

  • Supporting leadership teams in working together effectively

  • Effective onboarding of new hires

  • Designing jobs around impact before going to market

And you don't have to change anything to deliver them - we sell and deliver on your behalf or on a commission basis. This allows you to extend your offer easily, quickly and with minimal risk.

Why Support Recruiters? 

We would like to live in a world full of workplaces where every individual finishes work at the end of the day wanting to do it all again tomorrow.

Achieving this means having individuals in roles where they are able to make their natural impact, are valued for doing so and whose energies are perfectly placed to achieve the right business outcomes, every day.

It's about having people in jobs where doing what makes their hearts sing is the key to delivering what makes the organisation successful.

We still believe that conscientious recruiters like you are the best architects of productive employee / employer relationships. So by supporting you in hiring individuals for their impact, we are helping you, step-by-step, to change our workplaces for the better.

And doing that will help you, in turn, to succeed.