"Individuals have the power to change themselves. Only through influence and working with others can we change the world."

Simon Phillips - Founder, The Change Maker Group

Imagine you were able to identify how a candidate will make an impact on Change.

Welcome to the world's first tool that answers the question "What type of Change Maker are they?"

Organisations are increasingly asking for individuals who can create and lead change.

Powered by The GC Index® and using the same scientifically proven framework for identifying impact, The Change Maker Profile from The Change Maker Group identifies an individual's potential impact and contribution to any Change project.

This gives you uniquely change-focussed insight into the likely contribution an individual will make to a role.


So, whether you are hiring a new Change Manager, an executive tasked with leading change or the member of a team making change happen, you can now uncover how they can play to their strengths and combine with the strengths of the people around them to deliver change.

How does it work?

As with The GC Index®, the unique combination of an individual's proclivities generates a comprehensive Change Maker Profile enabling you to identify how the person may;

  • Be an effective change leader

  • Engage stakeholders meaningfully

  • Create change-making teams

  • Tap into the hidden potential in your organisation/team and unleash the change capacity

  • Become the best Change Maker they can be once onboarded.

Sometimes, the biggest challenge when people attempt to work together is a lack of understanding of how individuals can work productively and contribute meaningfully to common goals. At The Change Maker Group we specialise in creating Change Makers who can facilitate complex change and breakthrough these common issues.
Here are a few of the activities we have been helping clients with recently, utilising The Change Maker Profile;


  • Partnerships and Mergers

  • Culture Development

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Establishing Boards

  • Recruiting Executives

  • Mobilising Transformation

  • Launching Service Improvement

  • Developing Change Leaders

As a result, we can assist you with ensuring that your recruitment process takes account of the change issues that the successful candidate will need to manage once in their new role, as well as helping to ensure that their on-boarding is managed appropriately to ensure they have sufficient support to make change happen.

Want to know more?

Get in touch for an in-depth discussion about how you can use The Change Maker Profile to supercharge your hiring process for change-related roles.

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