A revolutionary organimetric.

The GC Index® is the organimetric that liberates everyone to make a positive impact in their world.

It shows individuals, teams and organisations, how they can make their best contribution to drive measurable outcomes and boost performance.


Unlike other assessment tools The GC Index® doesn’t measure personality type, skills or leadership qualities, instead measuring the preferred inclination of how individuals contribute to a project, role or organisation.


It is truly revolutionising the way that individuals, teams and organisations operate, shifting mindsets to focus on impact. 

And it's this that is transforming recruitment in the 21st Century.


The GC Index® was created by Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist at The GC Index® and Adrian Furnham, Management Expert and Professor of Psychology at University College London, following the launch of The DNA of A Game Changer research.


With The GC Index®, for the first time ever, organisations have a common language to understand the impact of all their people and so can organise them more effectively to:

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  • Increase productivity

  • Enhance wellbeing and motivation 

  • Improve staff retention

  • Gain competitive advantage, and;

  • Drive transformational change


The GC Index® language and framework is based around five key areas of impact. Any individual will have a proclivity to make a certain impact across these five areas - understanding how this looks for them provides deep insight into the package of contribution they bring to any role, beyond their skills, experience and personal style. 

The five roles are:

  • The Game Changer – Transforms the future (have great ideas)

  • The Strategist – Maps the future (make sense of ideas)

  • The Implementer – Builds the future (get things done)

  • The Polisher – Creates a future to be proud of (make things brilliant)

  • The Play Maker – Orchestrates the future (bring people together)

There is a distinction between individuals who seek to make an impact through ideas (The Game Changer / The Strategist) and individuals who are focused on making an impact through tasks (The Polisher / The Implementer). There is also an accommodation for individuals who prefer to contribute through relationships (The Play Maker).

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The GC Index® delivers three uniquely powerful views on the impact of Individuals, Teams and Organisations.

And a revolutionary window on leadership impact.

The GC Index® is delivered via a simple online test which takes the candidate around 15 minutes to complete. From this, a wealth of information can be produced easily and in a form which is relatable, understandable and yet incredibly powerful.

Some examples are:

  • An Individual Profile detailing the candidate's impact in considerable detail

  • A Team Profile detailing the combined impact of a group of individuals

  • An Organisational Profile describing the collective impact of an organisation, based on the impact of its teams and individuals

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The GC Index® also provides groundbreaking insight into an individual's leadership impact. Usually, the two highest areas of impact define the type of contribution an individual will make in a leadership role. Some examples of how this looks in the real world are as follows:

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 15.51.56.png


The GC Index® has reached a worldwide audience within a very short space of time. It is already in use in a wide variety of applications across a tremendous variety of organisations. Here is a selection of some of them:

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For more information abou​t this amazing 21st century framework, here are some documents to get you started.

The GC Index Recruitment Guidelines and Protocol For Candidates

White Paper - The Revolutionary Framework That's Transforming Candidate Selection