Executive Kickstarter

Executive Kickstarter


How would you like to know what impact you make?


The GC Index® has the potential to help you supercharge your career. It provides you with a framework and language to maximise your contribution and understand the contribution of the people you work with. The GC Index® gives you the insight needed to make your game-changing contribution to a team.


    You can order your link to take The GC Index® and receive your personal profile and a 30-minute consultation for just £179.


    The GC Index® personal profile and consultation includes:


    • A confidential link to complete The GC Index®
      (this takes just 5-10 minutes to complete).


    • Once completed you will receive your detailed personal The GC Index® profile outlining how you can make a game-changing impact giving you guidance for your approach to:
      • Leadership
      • Engaging and influencing
      • Creativity and innovation
      • Getting things done
      • Thriving not just surviving


    • Top tips for making the best impact in your role.


    • A 30-minute online feedback session and personal development consultation with one of our accredited experts.


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