Today sees the official launch of a new service from Franklin-Hackett that supports organisations in creating adaptable workforces and empowers individuals to become confidently self-sufficient while working remotely. We're in unprecedented times and many organisations are struggling to maintain operations as they are not set up for remote working. Moreover, employees faced with the prospect of remote working are nervous about not having the support of their teams around them in a tangible "present" way. By empowering individuals and showing them how they make their impact and contribution employers can support those individuals who are likely to feel isolated or under-valued, boosting self confidence and mental wellbeing, in turn elevating potency, maximising an individual's impact and contribution to business outcomes. To find out more about how we're supporting organisations empower their people and support the implementation of remote working by using The GC Index organimetric check out Impactful Remote Working Powered By The GC Index