It's launched!

We are thrilled to announce that Franklin-Hackett and The GC Index® have partnered with The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) to put The GC Index® into the hands of recruiters to help them better achieve their objectives and provide a winning service to their clients.

After two years of work we have crossed the line, delivering solutions for the recruitment industry that will support them in delivering service excellence.

This means REC members will have the opportunity to benefit from the following services delivered by us and powered by The GC Index® :

1. Candidate Impact Insights: Recruiters can use The GC Index® to build the ideal recruitment team, but also go above and beyond for their clients. By using The GC Index® with candidates, recruiters can offer clients unique insights into how the people they put forward will contribute to their organisation’s objectives.

2. Impactful Recruitment Team Workshops: In a one-day facilitated workshop, designed specifically for recruitment, learn how your teams can achieve more. Using The GC Index®, your staff will gain an insight into their individual and team impact and work together to build a strategy to achieve goals. 

3. High Performing Recruitment Leaders Workshops: Using The GC Index®, this one-day facilitated workshop will focus in on the impact of your leadership team. With a better understanding of their strengths as individuals and as a team, participants will strategise to boost performance and grow the business.

4. Impactful Remote Working Solution:  By leveraging The GC Index we enable teams to rapidly understand the impact they can make on crucial business priorities, even when they’re not in the same location as their colleagues. Empowering our members to continue delivering game-changing business outcomes while working remotely. John Franklin-Hackett, Founder and Chief Game-Changer from Franklin-Hackett said: “This exciting partnership with the REC will be hugely influential in enabling the UK’s recruiters to make great hires that deliver a game-changing impact.

At a time when workplace wellbeing is a high priority, our services will make it simple for members to use the power of The GC Index® to align individuals with roles that reward their impact, allowing them to deliver great business outcomes. We are thoroughly looking forward to working with the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) and our partners at The GC Index to facilitate outstanding, game-changing recruitment.” For more information, see the announcement from the REC here