Tomorrow sees an important announcement in the world of recruitment and the delivery of a new set of products and services that will help revolutionise the way recruiters approach their next hire.

John Franklin-Hackett, Founder and CEO of Franklin Hackett Ltd, says:

"The recruitment industry is facing unprecedented times and continues to be an ever more competitive environment. Client organisations are seeking individuals who will make a real impact and contribution and they are placing that responsibility in the hands of the recruiters. ​ Our vision - a world full of workplaces where every individual leaves at the end of every day wanting to do it all again tomorrow, is a sentiment echoed across the industry and achieving this means having individuals in roles where they are able to make the contribution they prefer, are valued for doing so and are able to achieve tangible business outcomes every day. We're really excited about tomorrow's announcement as it will equip recruiters to better serve their clients in delivering that recruitment success."

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