Stand out by showing your clients you know your candidates better than anyone else. 


Without needing to change a thing.

Impactful Candidate Insights, powered by The GC Index®, is the simple, low risk and powerful way for you to differentiate your recruitment service in an increasingly competitive environment.


Just send us your shortlist and using The GC Index®, we'll produce game-changing, industry-leading data showing how each candidate will prefer to perform the role. We'll produce an invaluable and insightful report comparing the impact your candidates' will make if hired. And we'll spend a powerful 90 minutes with each candidate helping them to understand their impact and how best to represent their value at interview.

Your clients will recognise that your hires are the best hires. Your candidates will recognise that you and your client care about their success. 

And meanwhile, you'll simply deliver your service as you always do.

Impactful Candidate Insights lets you offer a game-changing recruitment service without having to change your game.

Step 1: Profile

You tell us which candidates you would like us to report on.


We profile your candidates using The GC Index®.

Step 2: Review

 We spend 90 minutes with each candidate looking at how they make an impact.


We give every candidate personal  advice on how to represent their impact so that they can give the best possible account of themselves at interview. 

Step 3: Report

We produce a powerful and invaluable report comparing and contrasting your candidates' impact using The GC Index® data.


Finally, we debrief you and your client so you're both empowered to make a great hire where the impact of the successful candidate matches the needs of the role.

Next level insight that your clients will love.

And which shows your hires are the best hires.

Impactful Candidate Insights provides cutting edge information about the likely cultural fit of candidates to a team.


The information we collate for you helps to reliably establish the likely synergy between the candidate’s impact and the impact of the team. 

Our report uncovers the nuances between your candidates in terms of how they will go about performing the role once in post. This means that  you will have access to information that allows you to differentiate between candidates who look incredibly similar on paper, but who may wish to contribute in remarkably different ways.


This gives your client the reassurance they need that your "Yes" is the strongest "Yes".

On a Video Call

A candidate experience that makes you and your client stand out.


For all the right reasons.


Would you prefer to be the recruiter of choice for the best candidates?

With candidates increasingly expecting more personal value from the hiring process, regardless of outcome, we make it easy and risk-free to position yourself among the best providers for candidate experience.

Working on your behalf, we provide candidates with a powerful 90 minute coaching session. During the session, we use The GC Index® to give them unique insight into their personal impact, insight they are highly unlikely to have experienced before.

We help them to use this insight to prepare for interview, so that they give the best possible account of themselves for your client.

Your candidates will remember that it was you and your client who gave them this highly valuable personal validation and insight.

Change the game.

Without changing your game.

Managed solution

We administer the whole process on your behalf, leaving you to focus on delivering your campaigns using your tried and tested approach.

We run everything alongside you, to your timetable.

So you don't have to train your team, change your process or accredit your business in a new tool.

Fixed price

Impactful Candidate Insights powered by The GC Index® is available for a simple, fixed, per-candidate cost.

So it's simple to engage and the cost scales with your campaigns.


No commitment

No ongoing commitment is required to take advantage of Impactful Candidate Insights.

So you can change the game without having to  bet your business on a new approach.

Simply use us when you need us.


For an example Impactful Candidate Insights report, simply fill out the form below and we'll do the rest.


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