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Rapidly unlock the hidden potential of your Leadership Team to lead a great recruitment business.

The High-Performing Recruitment Leaders Workshop is our powerful initiative for helping the leadership teams of recruitment businesses or in-house recruitment functions identify how best to collectively accelerate the growth and development of their business.

Through our unique One Day Workshop designed specifically for Recruitment Leaders we will identify how your team can best make an impact both individually and collectively to the development and execution of the business strategy and create a tangible plan of action that everyone can contribute to.


Our expert guidance and leveraging the power of The GC Index® will unlock your leadership team’s performance potential, helping them to lead the delivery of world-class recruitment, talent management or workforce planning initiatives.

Our High-Performing Recruitment Leaders Workshop gives your leadership team:

  • Rapid and compelling insight into the impact each individual makes as a members of the leadership team and as a leader in their own right.

  • A clear understanding of how the team can collectively facilitate great business outcomes.

  • An opportunity to uncover how the team can collectively facilitate accelerated business development and growth.

  • Clarity about the business outcomes your team is likely to deliver.

  • Impactful personal development.

  • A high-level roadmap for facilitating sales growth and/or development within your organisation.

  • Increased alignment within the team and a means of organising collective activity that makes it easy to deliver the greatest impact.

The High-Performing Recruitment Leaders Workshop requires low investment and minimum time commitment while delivering a high business impact. It’s the “killer app” that gets your leadership team aligned and working together for greater success and improved business outcomes with minimal operational impact.



Our High-Performing Recruitment Leaders Workshop starts with every member of your leadership team spending just 5-10 minutes undertaking The GC Index®.


Once completed, each individual will receive a detailed personal The GC Index® profile outlining how they can make a game-changing impact in the key areas of:


  • Leadership

  • Engaging and influencing

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Getting things done

  • Thriving not just surviving


They will also get top tips for making the best impact in their role as leaders and maximising the business benefits of their personal leadership style.

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We follow Phase 1 with a one-day workshop that provides the opportunity for your leaders to gain powerful insight into the impact they make on your organisation’s strategy and performance in the recruitment market . We will work with the team to formulate tangible action plans that will deliver better business outcomes, using their new understanding of how they can best deliver impactful leadership.


Underpinned by The GC Index® framework, our role will be to structure, focus and facilitate the conversations so that the team can maximise your organisation’s effectiveness in recruitment, talent management or workforce planning and drive business growth or development. 


From the outset we ensure, through discussion with you that the questions raised throughout the process are the right ones. The detailed design of our workshop will be tailored to the exact needs of your team and business.

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