Wouldn't it be great if we could create diverse teams that made a big impact?

The majority of organisations recognise that there is a need to increase the diversity of their workforces. Traditionally, we have tried to make this happen by focussing on more equal representation of characteristics such as gender, race and religion.  

However, we are at a turning point where a "conscious" equality and inclusion attitude is not delivering the rapid impact on diversity we need to move forward.

With The GC Index®, we now have a language and framework for understanding individuals which creates a level playing field where the impact they make is valued above all other characteristics.


And where you, as a recruiter, can help your hiring managers build diverse, impactful teams.

Focus on impact

For every increase in diversity of 10%

Profits increase by 3.5%.



of executives rate diversity as an important issue.




of organisations aspire to have an "inclusive" culture.



Now you can build great teams that make a diverse impact.

 The GC Index® is a language and framework that, if used diligently, removes any bias, conscious or unconscious from the hiring process. By measuring candidate's impact and contribution it helps you align personal energies with tangible business requirements and outcomes. When we are interested in what difference a person can make, how they impact business outcomes, we have less incentive to interrogate who they are.

As a recruiter, you now have a means to make hires based on impact, building teams full of individuals making a diverse range of impacts which collectively, deliver outstanding results. 

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