Rapidly unlock and engage the hidden potential of your team to deliver your business priorities while working remotely.

Impactful Remote Working Powered By The GC Index® is a simple, effective, yet powerful solution that enables teams to rapidly understand the impact they can make on crucial business priorities, even when they’re not in the same location as their colleagues, so they can continue to deliver game-changing business outcomes while working remotely.

Impacful Remote Working Powered By The GC Index® gives your organisation:

  • Rapid and compelling insight into the impact each individual makes as part of the team.

  • A clear understanding of how the team can collectively facilitate great business outcomes while working remotely.

  • An opportunity to uncover how the team can collectively facilitate business development and growth while collaborating remotely.

  • Clarity about the business outcomes your team is likely to deliver.

  • Impactful personal development.

  • Increased alignment within the team and a means of organising collective activity that makes it easy to deliver the greatest impact.

  • Reduced risks through increased productivity, collaboration and business impact

Impactful Remote Working Powered By The GC Index® reduces the risks associated with having teams working remotely, but also enhances employee wellbeing, provides clarity about how each can make their best contribution and provides a framework for impactful collaboration that deliver benefits well into the future.

It requires very low levels of investment and can be delivered within days, completely remotely.

Quick to deploy

Impactful Remote Working Powered By The GC Index® is delivered in a matter of a few days and carried out entirely remotely.

Affordable to engage

In these uncertain times, we want to put Impactful Remote Working Powered By The GC Index® in the hands of lots of teams. 


So we've made it incredibly affordable for organisations to engage at just £450 (excl. VAT) per team member.

Immediately impactful

The GC Index® is an incredibly powerful organimetric which has an instant positive effect on the professional esteem of every individual who takes it. 

This, combined with our empathetic and empowering facilitation, means your team will have a new sense of collective purpose within days.


Despite sophisticated remote working technology being available for over a decade, virtual teams are still the exception and not the rule for most organisations. To this day, many individuals find the traditional office environment gives them a greater perception of productivity and accountability that they don't associate with working remotely. Collaboration generally comes from individuals working together in the same physical environment.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, these common collaboration practices are being stretched, with many organisations likely to be forced to increase the volume of remote working in order to continue operating, or face having to reduce or shut down key parts of their operations. The comfort zone of the office may soon be inaccessible and co-located teams will have to become remote teams.

This situation presents some significant cultural, behavioural and emotional challenges. For individuals, working remotely from home without their colleagues around them may make some feel isolated, disconnected from their work and exposed. Managers and leaders may feel a sense of reduced managerial control through lack of visibility, lowered productivity and reduced focus.

This sense of isolation, without the continuous validating feedback from colleagues that comes from the social interactions of the office, can have a significant negative impact on your employee's professional esteem and personal wellbeing.

At Franklin-Hackett, our wish is for every individual to finish work at the end of every day wanting to do it all again tomorrow, because we know that individuals who feel this way have greater professional esteem and have a better sense of wellbeing.


Impactful Remote Working Powered By The GC Index® is the solution that allows your team to build their professional esteem through remote working, enhancing their wellbeing.

The GC Index® insight helps individuals understand how they personally make an impact on business priorities and provides a language and framework that drives empowering and validating collaboration.


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Impactful Candidate Insights powered by The GC Index® starts with an initial briefing meeting with you and/or your client. This allows us to get a thorough understanding of your requirements for the role and the business outcomes the client will need from a successful candidate.


During the meeting we will work with you to translate these requirements into tangible and measurable areas of impact, using the industry leading language and framework of The GC Index®.


We then provide each of your candidates with an email link to undertake a 15 minute online test. We generate a detailed The GC Index® report for each candidate.

Following this, we deliver a 1:1 30 minute review session with the candidates, providing them with exclusive insight into how best to represent their strengths at interview and obtaining additional context around the business contribution they make.


Using the data we have collected, we then draw up a detailed written report, to a format agreed with you, that outlines the impact and contribution of the candidates and identifies important differences between them. We will also provide insight into key areas to be explored at interview stage or in other planned assessment activities.


Finally, we will explore the candidates with you during a 1 hour debriefing meeting to ensure you have the relevant information at your disposal to reveal the real business impact they will make. We will also assist you in contextualising our insights against other data you may have collected as part of your standard process, such as other forms of testing.


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