Team potential made visible.


  • Want to get the best out of their team

  • Are interested in how to get individuals working well together

  • Are keen to engage every member of their team in delivering objectives

  • Want to turn negative relationships into great relationships

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Team Impact Assessment gives you the secret to unlocking your team's potential.

Your team are your most important asset, so wouldn't it be great if you knew how each individual could make their best contribution to your business?

The Team Impact Assessment from Franklin-Hackett is the solution, because with our help you can quickly establish the energies that drive your team and discover how to unlock its potential.


With our support in less than 4 weeks you can understand how every individual is naturally energised to contribute and what you need to do as a manager to get the best from them. 

Then, we'll show you how your team works as a collective and the effect of their combined energies on your business.

Our Team Impact Assessment will equip you to be exactly the manager your team needs you to be - rewarding you with improved performance, wellbeing and working relationships.


You now have a reference manual that makes you the expert on an employee.

Imagine having a document that detailed how an individual employee could make their best contribution to the business and which gave clear advice on what to do and what not to do when managing them. A reference manual for maximising their potential.

That's exactly what our Employee Insights report is.

In the report you'll find invaluable information that will help you to get the best from the individual:

  • Scientifically robust data on their energies to contribute to your organisation against 5 key areas of impact.

  • Detailed narrative outlining the nature of their contribution, personalised to the individual.

  • A summary of their potential impact in the organisation

  • Suggestions for good management practice to get the best from them.

  • Suggestions for situations to avoid in order to prevent performance and wellbeing issues from arising.

And we'll take you through the findings personally, so you are fully equipped to take your managerial relationship forward.

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The report is backed by unique scientific data on individual impact.

Our Team Impact Assessment is underpinned by The GC Index® - a breakthrough assessment framework that tells you exactly how an individual prefers to make an impact.

The insight we provide using The GC Index® allows you to pinpoint the exact energies that drive your team members to contribute in a certain way, showing you the proportion of energy they have for each of the 5 key areas of impact. 


We do all the hard work, so you don't have to.

Start today and we'll also show you how YOU make an impact - for no extra charge.

If you're purchasing an Employee Insights report for the first time, we will provide you with your own personal GC Index profile for no extra charge. 

You'll discover how you make an impact as a manager and we'll advise you how best to use your own energies in managing your employee.

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