How would you like to be the recruiter of choice for your candidates?

The case for creating a great experience for your candidates isn’t all that hard to make. The recruitment market is becoming increasingly candidate-driven, and great talent will always have options of where they want to work and which recruiters they wish to use. How you treat your candidates may make the difference between whether they accept a job offer or decline it. 


With The GC Index®, you are now able to add a unique and significant enhancement to your candidate's experience of the hiring process.

And we're here to help you do just that.


How we help you.

We support you in developing your candidate offer using The GC Index® as a unique selling point. This allows you to:

  • Give candidates extra value during the hiring process in the form of personal insight from The GC Index®. This helps them to trust you.

  • Show candidates that you know them better than anyone else, thanks to the insight of The GC Index®.

  • Match them to roles that suit their impact so that they feel the time they spend in the assessment process is not wasted in the pursuit of a role that doesn't suit their proclivities.

  • Show them their potential through the insight of The GC Index® into their personal impact.

  • Demonstrate your capability and diligence through the additional vetting provided by The GC Index®.

People who enjoy the candidate experience are​ 



more likely to accept a job offer.

(IBM Study)

Organisations that invest in a good candidate experience increase their quality of hires by





of candidates who had a bad experience with a recruiter say they would not apply again in the future.

(IBM Study)

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