Wouldn't it be great if your candidate experience was best in class?

The recruitment market is becoming increasingly candidate-driven, and great talent will always have options of where they want to work and which recruiters they wish to use. How you treat your candidates may make the difference between whether they accept a job offer or decline it. And whether your reputation as an employer or recruiter will be good or bad. 

Imagine how beneficial it would be if every candidate who passed through your hands took away lasting personal value from your hiring process.


With The GC Index®, you can deliver a candidate experience that delivers just that - one that is truly best in class.

And we're here to help you do it. Here's three things you can do with our support that will deliver that best in class candidate experience.

The GC Index® is the only assessment tool that measures business impact. And it can help you give every candidate an experience they will never forget.

1. Show them something new and transformational about themselves


For many candidates, the hiring process is one way and the only result is success or rejection.


We profile candidates using The GC Index® on your behalf and spend 90 minutes with each candidate helping them to understand how they make their best impact. This information is powerful and transformational, helping candidates recognise and appreciate how they contribute to an organisation and why that contribution is valuable. 

Many individuals are unaware, or not able to effectively articulate, how they make an impact.

Our GC Index® review sessions ensure every candidate learns something new about themselves as part of their application. Their profile, alongside our facilitation, will transform the way they think about their impact, how they make a contribution and what their ultimate value to a future employer looks like.


They will remember that it was you who opened their eyes to their true value and the impact they can make.

2. Help them understand how to present the most impactful version of themselves


Too many candidates go through the hiring process presenting a less than optimal version of themselves.


Working with The GC Index® data, we help candidates understand how to demonstrate the impact they can personally make. We review their career with them, developing their confidence in their capability to back up their contribution with the right package of skills and experience.


Many candidates are ill equipped to best represent their business impact in assessment processes and/or interviews.

Our GC Index® review sessions help candidates to identify how they can combine their personal blend of skills, experience and personal qualities to maximum effect to deliver their best contribution.


You will see your candidates at their best, making your hiring decision more informed and robust. Your candidates will be equipped to represent themselves better.

3. Give them a moment of truth that will increase their future success


Applying for a new role is a potentially life-changing decision. But it’s rarely a life-changing process.


By giving candidates valuable, transformative feedback about their business impact data, using The GC Index®,  we ensure that they leave your hiring process with more than just a "yes" or "no" answer.

Many candidates gain little to no personal validation or useful insight into how to direct their careers from hiring processes.

Their GC Index® report, combined with our facilitation, will leave your candidates with a moment of truth that will positively affect their future career path. They will go forward with a clear understanding of how they can contribute to any business. They will understand their personal value, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, skills or experience. They will be better equipped for future success.

Organisations that help every candidate increase their future prospects will stand out in the post-pandemic business world.

Organisations that invest in a good candidate experience increase their quality of hires by




People who enjoy the candidate experience are​ 



more likely to accept a job offer.

(IBM Study)


of candidates who had a bad experience with a recruiter say they would not apply again in the future.

(IBM Study)


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