Franklin-Hackett works as a trusted partner to the recruitment industry.

We are working to help individuals make their best possible contribution in every role in every organisation by supporting great recruiters in delivering great recruitment.

We're driven to do this by our vision - a world full of workplaces where every individual leaves at the end of every day wanting to do it all again tomorrow.

Achieving this means having individuals in roles where they are able to make the contribution they prefer, are valued for doing so and are able to achieve tangible business outcomes every day.

We believe in the value of recruiters because the greatest influencer of workplace wellbeing is the quality of hires. So we stand by the side of recruiters and support them in achieving the best possible hires.

We do this by making it simple, low risk and cost-effective for recruiters to use the power of The GC Index to unlock the potential of their teams to be great recruiters and to show their clients they know their candidates best.

In a world where, according to some reports, as many as 90% of people are in roles where they don't feel fulfilled, there is an incredible opportunity for the best recruiters to make a game-changing impact.

So, we've created innovative yet simple and easily accessible solutions that will support recruiters in achieving the best possible hires, all powered by the world-class and cutting-edge framework of The GC Index®.

We're helping the recruitment industry take the next step in a rapidly changing business world, and we're ready and excited to work with you. 

John Franklin-Hackett

Founder & Chief Game Changer, Franklin-Hackett


I've worked with the recruitment industry throughout my career, both as a hiring manager and as a candidate seeking opportunities. Over the years I've witnessed first-hand the consequences of bad hires.

It turns out the statistics are true - the problem is serious and real.


We value and celebrate:


  • The unique contribution and impact recruiters make to help build high-performing, effective organisations.

  • The contribution made by both individuals and teams to deliver a high-value recruitment service. 

  • The ongoing work of managers and leaders of recruitment teams as they strive to hire and develop talent in their organisation.

  • Open, collaborative and mutually beneficial business relationships.


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