Our Vision

Franklin-Hackett works as a trusted partner to the recruitment industry.

We help organisations practice fantastic recruitment to help them build modern places of work, staffed by people who are highly effective at what they do and who enjoy doing it.

We are passionate about helping recruiters, both in-house and external, be the best they can be, in terms of the service they offer their customers.

We do this by using the powerful framework of The GC Index® and our recruitment industry experience to support recruiters and their leaders to provide best-in-class, high-value recruitment solutions. We enable them to harness and develop the full potential of people in their own teams and leverage the talent mix to deliver business growth and development.     

The impact of a bad hire goes well beyond the financial costs, which are themselves substantial. There are also the hidden costs of lower morale, poorer productivity, reduced innovation and stifled wellbeing. These costs are immeasurable but have a devastating effect on the bottom line for our organisations.

Having repeatedly witnessed these consequences, I felt compelled to solve the problem. We've created innovative yet proven solutions that will deliver incredible performance improvements for recruiters, all powered by the world-class and cutting-edge framework of The GC Index®.

We're helping the recruitment industry take the next step in a rapidly changing business world, and we're ready and excited to work with you. 

John Franklin-Hackett

Lead Change Maker, Franklin-Hackett

A note from our Founder

I've worked with the recruitment industry throughout my career, both as a hiring manager and as a candidate seeking opportunities. Over the years I've witnessed first-hand the consequences of bad hires.

It turns out the statistics are true - the problem is serious and real.

What we stand for

We value and celebrate:


  • The unique contribution and impact recruiters make to help build high-performing, effective organisations.

  • The agility, flexibility and credibility required to satisfy the needs of their customers both internal and external.

  • The contribution made by both individuals and teams to deliver a high-value recruitment service.

  • The ongoing work of managers and leaders of recruitment teams as they strive for continuous improvement.

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