If you're a recruiter and you want to win more clients, do more business and stand out while doing it, you're in the right place.


Our mission is to support the creation of workplaces where everyone finishes work each day wanting to do it again tomorrow. Where every person's natural impact is recognised, utilised and rewarded.

We believe that organisations need a trusted partner to help them achieve this - a high quality, professional recruiter. Like you.

We make it simpler for you to become that trusted partner by:


  • Showing clients that you understand your candidates better than anyone else

  • Helping them make hires where the candidate's natural impact matches the contribution needed for success. 

  • Supporting them in identifying and utilising the impact of their current workforce.

We do this by making it straightforward and risk-free for you to use the only assessment framework to measure impact, The GC Index®, without having to change anything about the way you currently work. We even make it possible for you to experience The GC Index® for yourself, while winning more business, at no cost.

And we even help you extend your service offering so you can support your clients in developing the impact of their existing workforce.


Work with us and we'll help you grow your business, becoming that trusted partner to your clients, without having to change your game.

We make it simple for the best recruiters to win more business and make game-changing impactful hires using The GC Index®

Risk-free, without having to bet the business or change the way you work. 


Powered By The GC Index®

Get everyone in your team engaged and contributing their best to grow and develop your recruitment operation.


Powered By The GC Index®

Stand out by showing your clients you know your candidates better than anyone else.


Powered By The GC Index®

Unleash the potential of your leadership team to deliver the business outcomes you need.