We help recruiters make great hires that deliver a game-changing impact.


We're not recruiters. That's you. Whether you're an in-house recruitment team or a professional recruitment organisation, we're here to help you make great hires that deliver a game-changing impact.

We do this by making it simple, cost-effective and low risk for you to use the power of The GC Index® to unlock your potential to be great recruiters and to show your clients that you know their candidates better than anyone else.

The GC Index® is the revolutionary 21st century organimetric that measures and describes five different ways in which people are inclined to make a tangible business impact and contribution.

This language and framework, already proven worldwide, is transforming the recruitment industry by changing the way we assess candidates and maximise the impact of our own teams.

Our simple, accessible and cost-effective solutions put its power in your hands without you having to change your existing way of working, with low risk and maximum impact.

Best for In-House Recruiters

We help you harness The GC Index® to design roles and make hires that deliver the right impact to take your organisation forward.

Best for External Recruiters

We help you become more competitive by increasing the value you provide to clients through the power of The GC Index®. So you can make better hires that make a bigger impact for them and for your bottom line.

All with minimal change to your established practices and at low risk.

Best for Candidates

We help you provide your candidates with valuable insight into their own contribution using The GC Index®.


At a time when candidates are expecting more value from recruitment processes, you can be the recruiter or organisation who gives them true, lasting value, regardless of the outcome

All on your behalf and without you having to change anything.

Best for Diversity

We help you to create  teams of individuals in a manner which delivers outstanding business outcomes, building teams where diversity of impact and contribution is valued and recognised.

What's more, we can help you make this a part of your hiring processes by default, all using The GC Index®.

"Without doubt The GC Index is the most comprehensive framework I've used to help individuals, teams and organisations understand how they make an impact in the workplace. It's so simple to use and easy to apply, which makes it accessible and meaningful to everyone.

Robert Walker, Senior Director - TMForum


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